ICA Staff


The staff at ICA speak many different languages and come from diverse cultural backgrounds.


  • Chief Executive Officer: Jean McRae
    • Executive Assistant: Aekyung Shin
  • Director of Operations: Winnie Lee
  • Administration/HR Manager: Elaine van Niekerk
  • Finance Manager: Rose McDonald
    • Accounting Assistant: Riad Mahmood
  • Office Coordinator: Julia Lacy
    • Intake Worker: EeAhn Kang
    • Administrative Assistants: Cristina Shore, Rasha Ashir
    • Casual Administrative Assistants: Christine Yu, EeAhn Kang, Lama Marashi, Sharda Moorthy

Community Engagement and Development

  • Director of Impact and Innovation: Meghan Mergaert
    • Manager – Strategic Engagement: Quinton Gordon
    • Manager – Arts and Community Engagement: Paulina Grainger
    • Community Development Coordinator: Steven Baileys
    • Community Engagement Facilitator: Karman Lippitt
    • Development Coordinator: Sheryl Sackman
    • LIP Coordinator: Florentien Verhage

Settlement and Resettlement Services

  • Immigrant and Refugee Services Manager: Elie Kozma

Settlement Services

  • Immigrant Settlement Services Coordinator: Roya Badi’i
    • Settlement Workers: Fanny He, Lien Tran, Ruth Miranda, Tanya Soares, William Goldiet

Settlement Workers in Schools (SWIS)

  • SWIS Coordinator: Lisa Wang
    • SWIS Workers: Ashraf Al-Nassar, Julia Zhou, Julissa Bernal-Mora, Sara Shannag

Youth and Family Services

  • Youth and Family Services Coordinator: Gita John-Iyam
    • Settlement Youth Workers: Nabeela Ramji, Robin McGeough

Resettlement Assistance Program (RAP)

  • RAP Coordinator: Aly Essa
    • RAP Workers: Albert Akoury, Lucy Hagos, Nahla AlSayah

Refugee Sponsorship

  • Private Sponsorship of Refugees Manager: Sabine Lehr

Language and Childcare Services

  • Language Services Manager: Todd Kitzler

LINC (Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada)

  • Head Language Instructor: Sika Patton
  • Administrative Assistants: Chieko Iza, Lily Zhou
  • LINC Instructors: Barbara Donaldson, Bhavani Chlopan, Claudia Ratzka, Esam Hasan, Jack Etkin, Jennifer Taylor, John Farquharson, Katerina Weller, Laura Cankovic, Leslie Graham, Maggie Elshuli, Maha Alsaady, Maryam Pirjaberi, Melanie Gerritsen, Michael Moore, Nellie Taylor, Sika Patton, Suja Lamminen, Tia Benn
  • Casual LINC Instructors: Caroline Startin, Cindy Vaartnou, Hannah Virtue, John Lydon, Lalena Dexter, Laurel MacLean, Mary Leighton, Melody Dufresne, Toby Macklin

Childcare Centre

  • Childcare Coordinator: Lori de Wet
    • Childcare Workers: Graciela Molina, Hanan Al Ashal, Marjan Ghaffary, Stana Filipi
    • Casual Childcare Workers: Anna Tran, Akiko Fraser, Bahar Javadi, Lynda Tan, Jenny Chen


  • Training Coordinator: Amanda Gaunt
    • Training Facilitator: Jennifer King

Volunteer Services

  • Coordinator of Volunteer Services: Liz Bean

Employment Services

  • Employment Services Manager: Tim Blake
    • Employment Services Coordinator: Ai Sakamoto
    • Immigrant Employment Specialists: Darcie Gabruck, Ella Autajay, Laura Guarin, Mirko Kovacev, Sandy Sifert, Sumaya Shaban, Vani Vijay
    • Immigrant Employment Youth Specialists: Gaeun Lee, Jemma Templeton
    • Temporary Foreign Workers Specialist: Ana Saenz
    • Job Developers: Marilyn Henigman, Nathalie Vigeant
    • Employment Client Advisor: Nicole Chen