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CPN Thriving with Diversity Seminar #12: Understanding Cultural and Faith Practices of Syrian Refugees
February 16, 2017

Presenters: Imam Ismail Nur of the Masjid Al-Iman Mosque; Dr. Adam Yaghi – ICA Syrian Refugee Housing Coordinator; and Salsa Eddiani – ICA Settlement Youth Worker

Overview: This CPN Diversity Seminar offered a half-day learning seminar that explored the cultural and faith practices of Syrian Refugees and other newcomers from the Middle East. More than 90 representatives from local businesses and agencies attended the seminar.

The seminar began with an informative panel presentation with guests: Imam Ismail Nur of the Masjid Al-Iman Mosque; Adam Yaghi – the Syrian Refugee Housing Coordinator at ICA; and, Salma Eddiani- a Settlement Youth Worker at ICA.

A Global Cafe activity followed the panel presentation, and invited participants to share and discuss ideas and respond to key questions about how our community can effectively engage with and welcome Syrian refugees into our organizations. A number of Syrian refugees and members of the local Mosque participated in the Global Cafe table discussions, sharing valuable knowledge with CPN members.

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Global Café Notes
Syrian Cultural Practices


CPN Thriving with Diversity Seminar #11: Exploring Relationships Between Police and Diverse Communities Theatre Project
June 6, 2016

Presenters: Victoria Police and members from diverse communities in Greater Victoria.

Overview: The Community Partnership Network (CPN) organized a diversity seminar on “Exploring Relationships between Police and Diverse Communities — A Theatre Project”. The June 6, 2016 seminar was hosted at the Pacific Opera Victoria’s Wingate Studio.

This engaging three-hour seminar utilized transformational theatre tools to explore and understand the complex relationships between ethno-cultural community members and police. Using real life stories gathered from the Victoria Police Department and local diverse community members, a series of theatre scenes were presented on a range of issues such as bias, cross-cultural misunderstandings, stereotypes, etc. that negatively impact police-community interactions. The seminar was led by facilitators Lina de Guevara, Victor Porter and ICA’s Paulina Grainger.

Amanda Edwards- a young, talented Coast Salish First Nation dancer – opened the event while acting Victoria Police Chief Del Manak spoke on the importance of the theatre project in understanding how to build trust in police and community relationships.

A Global Cafe activity followed the panel, inviting participants to share ideas and respond to key questions about how our police services can build trust and create better relationships with diverse community members.

Thanks to ICA and Community Partnership Network, in collaboration with the Victoria police department and local actors, for their amazing work at the seminar. Photos courtesy of Sid Emmanuel.

Photos from Police and Diverse Communities

CPN Seminar #10.Members of CPN Seminar Panel

CPN Thriving with Diversity Seminar #10: Preparing for the Resettlement of Syrian Refugees
Feb 18, 2016

Presenters: Panel Discussion

Overview: This CPN Diversity Seminar brought together more than 80 CPN members to learn about the process of resettlement of Syrian refugees in the Greater Victoria region. The seminar included panel presentations with Jean McRae (ICA’s Executive Director), Sabine Lehr (ICA’s Private Sponsorship of Refugees Manager), Dr. Timothy Black (Associate Professor and Department of Educational Psychology and Leadership Studies Chair, University of Victoria), and Darcy Bromley (Senior Policy/Program Advisor, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada).

Panel members provided a rich overview of the refugee resettlement process and outlined possible psychological impacts on these refugees who have been forced to flee their homeland. CPN members learned about key supports and programs needed to assist refugees in areas such as housing, education, health, community integration and employment. A lively Global Café discussion followed the panel with participants exploring how their organizations and communities can support refugee resettlement.

Thank you to the Royal BC Museum for hosting the event and to the United Way for funding the CPN Diversity Seminar series.

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Syrian Refugee Profile and Stats

CPN Seminar #9.Jim Diers

CPN Thriving with Diversity Seminar #9: Building inclusive Communities Through Community Asset Mapping
May 6, 2015

Presenter: Jim Diers, Community Engagement Specialist

Overview: On May 6th the CPN, in partnership with the UVic Institute for Studies and Innovation in Community University Engagement (ISICUE), hosted the Thriving with Diversity Seminar #9 at the UVic First Peoples House. More than 90 participants from the CPN, UVic and broader community attended this engaging seminar that featured Jim Diers, a community engagement specialist from Seattle, Washington.

Using a mix of humour, storytelling and moving real life experiences, Diers engaged and challenged participants to re-think how we as a community can build welcoming organizations that respect and incorporate cultural, economic and social diversities.

Jim urged organizations to not focus on weaknesses or “needs” but rather to recognize the strengths of all community members. By doing this, we can ensure the broader involvement and engagement of all community members in our organizations. Diers reminded the audience that there is no substitute for community when it comes to advancing social justice. No major change has ever come “top-down.”

Diers also emphasized the need for organizations to break out of their “silos” so they can effectively ensure collaboration across sectors and holistically address issues such as homelessness, addiction, discrimination, etc. Seminar participants were challenged to find ways to creatively develop and enhance the services they deliver.

To learn more about Jim Diers and his work in community engagement visit his website: Jim Dier’s Neighbor Power link in: http://www.neighborpower.org/

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CPN Seminar #8.Alden

CPN Thriving with Diversity Seminar #8: Diversity Life Cycle for Creating Welcoming Organizations
October 30, 2014

Presenter: Alden Habacon, Diversity Specialist

Overview: On Thursday October 30 the CPN hosted the Thriving with Diversity Seminar #8 at the James Bay New Horizons Centre. More than 60 CPN members attended the seminar which featured University of British Columbia diversity specialist Alden Habacon. Alden’s topic was entitled: “Creating Welcoming Organizations: Version 2.0”. The seminar introduced the Organizational Diversity Life Cycle- a dynamic framework to describe the interconnectedness between the many stages organizations can undertake to normalize diversity and inclusion into its organizational culture and workplace practices.

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Diversity Change Curve with Life Cycle Stages
Diversity Life Cycle Description


CPN Thriving with Diversity Seminar #7: Building Relationships with Local First Nations Community

Presenters: Elders and Leaders from Local First Nations Communities – co-hosted by the Caring for First Nations Children Society (CFNCS)

Overview: This seminar was organized by ICA’s Community Partnership Network (CPN) in collaboration with the Caring for First Nations Children Society (now the Indigenous Perspectives Society) and featured a panel presentation by elders and leaders from local First Nations’ Communities. More than 120 CPN members attended and listened to a panel discussion with Chief Ron Sam of Songhees First Nations, Telaxten of Tsartlip First Nations, Joyce Underwood of Tsawout First Nations, and Kelly Legge and Laurie McDonald of Indigenous Perspectives Society.  Information was shared about the culture and history of our local First Nations communities, and communication and relationship building dynamics were explored. It included a question and answer session and Global Cafe table discussions hosted by First Nations’ and CPN members. The seminar was held in the He’was Hall at the newly completed Songhees Wellness Centre located on 1100 Admirals Road.

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CPN Thriving with Diversity Seminar #6: Community Engagement Using the Arts

Presenters: Lina de Guevara and Victor Porter, Saanich Police & Members of Police and Community Theatre Project

Overview: This seminar featured a presentation by the directors and cast of the Police and Community Project-an innovative project with Saanich Police and immigrant community members. The project showcases theatre as a creative tool to explore the relationships between newcomers and public safety organizations, such as the police.

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CPN Seminar 5 Photo Tile

Thriving with Diversity Seminar Series #5 – Retaining Newcomer and Multicultural Employees and Volunteers

Presenters: Gobinder Gill
Overview: This presentation focussed on key actions, strategies and tools organizations can undertake to retain newcomer and immigrant employees and volunteers.

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Series #5 Youtube video

CPN Seminar 4 Photo Tile

Thriving with Diversity Seminar Series #4 – How to Effectively Recruit Diverse Employees and Volunteers

Presenter: Dr. Roberta Neault, President of Life Strategies Ltd. in Canada
Overview: This workshop explored diversity basics such as how to reach out to diverse candidates, encouraging diverse candidates to apply, assessing foreign credentials and experience, interviewing and selecting diverse candidates, and welcoming new employees.

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CPN Seminar 3 Photo Tile

Thriving with Diversity Seminar Series #3 – Media and Marketing to Diverse Communities

Presenter: Panel presentation by representatives from CHEK TV, UVIC, Hille Magassa & Associates, McAllister Marketing and Vancity Savings

Overview: This workshop covered a wide array of information including how to develop a multicultural marketing plan, how to reach out to and accommodate ethnic audiences, and how to foster diversity.

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Series #3 Youtube video-part 2
Series #3 Youtube video-part 3

CPN Seminar 2 Photo Tile

Thriving with Diversity Seminar Series #2 – Creating Welcoming Organizations

Presenter: Alden Habacon

Overview: This workshop focussed on the actions, strategies, resources and tools that organizations and businesses can undertake to reach out to diverse communities-with the ultimate goal of creating a welcoming organization and culture.

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Series #2 Youtube video

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Thriving with Diversity Seminar #1 – Our Changing Demographics

Presenter: Jackie Storen of BC Stats

Overview: Information about changing demographics in the Capital Regional District-with emphasis on recent regional immigration patterns, where immigrants are coming from and other relevant regional social and economic statistics.

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