Local Immigration Partnership

Local Immigration Partnership



The Local Immigration Partnership (LIP) initiative, funded by the Government of Canada’s then Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), first began in Toronto and other cities in Ontario in 2008. Over the past eight years LIPs have been initiated across Canada.

LIPs are municipal or regional coalitions designed to strengthen local capacity to attract newcomers and improve integration outcomes, as indicated by enhanced economic, social, political, and civic participation. They operate through formal agreements that establish broad-based partnership councils charged with developing and implementing strategies to produce more welcoming communities. LIP coalitions include immigrant and mainstream service providers; municipalities; federal and provincial agencies; employer associations; health organizations; ethno-cultural and religious groups; school boards; academic institutions; and other partners. As such, they are important focal points for increasing engagement and promoting strategic alignments and coordination among service providers and other institutions. (Pathways to Prosperity – Canada)

Greater Victoria LIP

Building on the work of the existing Community Partnership Network (CPN), a network of more than 200 local businesses, organizations and agencies that promote inclusion and the effective integration of newcomers to Greater Victoria, the Inter-Cultural Association of Greater Victoria (ICA) received funding from CIC in 2014 to create the Greater Victoria Local immigration Partnership (GVLIP). The goal of the GVLIP is to develop broad community-based partnerships and create a regional immigration strategy for Greater Victoria. The creation of the GVLIP evolved from the CPN and responds to a national trend of creating integrated and broad-based stakeholder partnerships to address and improve immigrant settlement outcomes. The GVLIP and CPN aim to complement and enhance each other’s work.

Greater Victoria Local Immigration Partnership: The First 18 Months

GVLIP ReportCommunity Partnership Network (CPN) and the Greater Victoria Local Immigration Partnership (GVLIP) celebrated the release of the 2016 report: “Greater Victoria Local Immigration Partnership: Our First 18 Months”. The research and report were undertaken in partnership with
ICA and the UVic Institute for Studies and Innovation in Community University Engagement (ISICUE). The reserch included input from hundreds of immigrant newcomers and service providers to learn about their experiences with the integration of newcomer immigrants in our community.

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Initial and evolving structure of the Greater Victoria LIP

The GVLIP is based on LIP structures currently developed across Canada and is informed by the experiences of ICA and CPN partners – the GVLIP is structured with the GVLIP Advisory Council as a central hub where representatives from each of the Sector Tables, the Immigrant Advisory Table (IAT) and the Secretariat are represented and active. Open and multi-directional communication is facilitated through the GVLIP Advisory Council. The IAT has two co-chairs who sit on the GVLIP Advisory Council. The IAT assists in the development of the Strategic Plan for the GVLIP, participates in the Immigrant Advisory Table meetings (4-6 meetings per year), champions the GVLIP vision in their communities, and works with other organizations and businesses who are part of the GVLIP structure. The LIP Sector Tables are currently being developed for 2016/2017.

Strategic Plan and Challenge Dialogue Synopsis

GVLIP Strate Plan CoverThe Greater Victoria Local Immigration Partnership (GVLIP) recently brought together a range of stakeholders to explore and collaborate on the creation of an immigrant integration strategy for the Greater Victoria region. Below is the 2017 GVLIP Strategic Plan and Challenge Synopsis.


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This report presents a synthesis of the perspectives and ideas gathered from stakeholders in the spring of 2017. Using both an online survey and a day long workshop, more than 100 participants tested ideas, explored options and provided input around a host of topics related to immigration, refugee resettlement, inclusiveness, and the integration of newcomers in our region. This report provides the basis of a “roadmap” to work towards ensuring that newcomers to Greater Victoria experience full inclusion and equity in all aspects of life including employment, health, education, housing, recreation, and others.

GVLIP Council

The Greater Victoria LIP is driven by a Council of community stakeholders whose aims are to support newcomer settlement and integration through local community engagement and collaboration.  The mandate of the GVLIP Council is to further the development of the Greater Victoria as an inclusive, welcoming, and vibrant community where immigrants can realize their full potential, racism is eliminated, and cultural diversity is valued and celebrated. The GVLIP Council shares a common commitment to the values of diversity, equality, social justice, social inclusion, and social cohesion. A number of CPN members were recruited to form the initial GVLIP Advisory Council.

Current Greater Victoria LIP Council Members

Immigrant Advisory Table

This group has an advisory role in the development of an immigration settlement strategy for Greater Victoria. Members of IAT assist in the development of an immigration settlement strategy; provide feedback and perspectives that represent the diverse newcomer communities in the Greater Victoria region; champion the LIP vision in our community to create a welcoming and inclusive region; ensure LIP priorities are relevant to newcomers in the region and work with other committed and passionate community members, organizations and businesses.

Current Immigrant Advisory Table Members

  • Jakelina Listes (co-chair)
  • Ben Pires (co-chair)
  • Kade Anna Hardy Agueh
  • Silvia Mangue Alene
  • Naji Khodashenas Firouzabadi
  • Hyeyoung Jeon
  • Jaerang Lee
  • Ximena Londono
  • Pulchérie N. Mboussi
  • Alfred Okot Ochen

Going Forward

Your input matters to us! Over the coming months, a series of sector advisory tables (e.g. Employment, Education, Health etc.) will be formed with stakeholders to help guide and inform the LIP project.

If you or your business or organization would like to learn more about LIP or be involved, please contact ICA: localimmigrationpartnership@icavictoria.org

For more information visit:  http://p2pcanada.ca/lip