Local Immigration Partnership

Local Immigration Partnership



“LIPs are municipal or regional coalitions designed to strengthen local capacity to attract newcomers and improve integration outcomes, as indicated by enhanced economic, social, political, and civic participation. They operate through formal agreements that establish broad-based partnership councils charged with developing and implementing strategies to produce more welcoming communities. LIP coalitions include immigrant and mainstream service providers; municipalities; federal and provincial agencies; employer associations; health organizations; ethno-cultural and religious groups; school boards; academic institutions; and other partners. As such, they are important focal points for increasing engagement and promoting strategic alignments and coordination among service providers and other institutions.” (Source: Pathways to Prosperity – Canada / p2pcanada.ca)

Greater Victoria Local Immigration Partnership (GVLIP)

The Greater Victoria Local Immigration Partnership – also known as the GVLIP – is a multi-sectoral, community-based partnership designed to strengthen local capacity to attract, welcome and integrate newcomers. It brings together a broad coalition of agencies and institutions focused on improving the settlement outcomes of new immigrants, and offers a framework through which innovative actions can be generated to optimize the welcoming and inclusive nature of our region.

Local Immigration Partnerships (LIPs) were first introduced in Ontario in 2008, and BC in 2014, and are funded by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. Some of the GVLIP’s accomplishments so far include:

  • the creation of an interim advisory council and immigrant advisory committee;
  • the production of comprehensive research into the settlement experiences of newcomers and service providers; and,
  • the development of a strategic framework to help identify the challenges and opportunities associated with settlement and integration across the region.

The GVLIP has been fortunate to work with a diverse network of community partners throughout its development, representing the academic, community services, settlement services, police, local government, business, and health sectors, as well as immigrants and newcomers themselves. The work undertaken has provided the insight necessary to identify key actions that will best advance the GVLIP’s collective impact over the next several years.

Partnership Council

The Partnership Council provides leadership, direction and support to GVLIP as a whole. For example, members offer their collective expertise to ensure that research and actions address local priority issues, and provide information and data to help create meaningful strategic plans and activities. Members share a common commitment to building the CRD as a welcoming community, and meet regularly to develop a coordinated, comprehensive and strategic approach to immigration and integration that fits the needs of the region.

Immigrant Advisory Team

The work of the GVLIP is supported by an Immigrant Advisory Team (IAT), who provide feedback on the partnership and its work; review research and community consultation findings; provide insight to further shape the strategic plans and actions; and, reach out to ethno-specific communities to encourage participation in GVLIP work. The creation of the IAT ensures the ongoing participation and perspectives of immigrants and newcomers in the GVLIP, and encourages their contributions in building its vision.

Sector Tables

GVLIP Sector Tables are working groups who focus on specific sectors, priorities and activities. The idea is that once interest and expertise is assembled around a priority area of focus, such as employment or health, the Sector Table can begin identifying gaps or needs and then use the GVLIP framework to begin addressing them. Participants of these working groups may be members of the Partnership Table, Immigrant Advisory Team, or individuals with required expertise from the community at large.

Contact Us

For more information about the GVLIP, please contact Florentien Verhage, GVLIP Coordinator: fverhage@icavictoria.org

For more information about LIPs across Canada, please visit:  http://p2pcanada.ca/lip


Greater Victoria Local Immigration Partnership: The First 18 Months

GVLIP Report

The 2016 GVLIP report, Greater Victoria Local Immigration Partnership: Our First 18 Months, was created in partnership with ICA and the UVIC Institute for Studies and Innovation in Community University Engagement (ISICUE). The research for the report included input from hundreds of immigrant newcomers and service providers to learn about their experiences with the integration of newcomer immigrants in our community.

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Strategic Plan and Challenge Dialogue Synopsis

GVLIP Strate Plan Cover

The GVLIP brought together a range of stakeholders to explore and collaborate on the creation of an immigrant integration strategy for the Greater Victoria region in the Spring of 2017. Using both an online survey and day-long workshop, more than 100 participants tested ideas, explored options, and provided input around a host of topics related to immigration, refugee resettlement, inclusiveness, and the integration of newcomers across our region. This report provides the basis of a roadmap to work towards, ensuring that newcomers to Greater Victoria experience full inclusion and equity in all aspects of life, such as employment, health, education, and housing.

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