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Safe Harbour Program

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Safe Harbour Program Welcomes and Protects Diversity

The Safe Harbour Program is a nation-wide initiative designed for local businesses and organizations who wish to take a leadership role in creating an environment where all members of our community feel safe and welcomed.

Based on the popular “block-watch” program, it recruits local businesses and agencies to become part of a network that commits to equitable treatment in the workplace while providing a “safe place” for victims of discrimination. Organizations take the two-hour training and commit to being a Safe Harbour member by displaying a decal on their agency’s entrance window. This commitment indicates to the community that their organization is a welcoming place, supportive of diversity and will assist victims of discrimination.

Local Members
Nearly 50 local businesses and organizations are now part of the growing network. These businesses and organizations include:

Training Sessions
The Inter-Cultural Association of Greater Victoria (ICA) is the Safe Harbour community representative and provides these no-cost two hour sessions to local businesses and agencies. If your organization would like to arrange for a Safe Harbour session, please contact program coordinator Steven Lorenzo Baileys of ICA at 388-4728 ext. 116 or email:

For more information about the Safe Harbour program please visit:

Network- Member’s Resources

Here are some resources available to members. Feel free to print off copies for your staff and volunteers:

Safe Harbour Brochure
Safe Harbour Tips for Participants
Safe Harbour Door Poster (door window size)
Safe Harbour Poster (full size)