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We Speak Translate Training Project

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We Speak Translate project

The We Speak Translate project is a first of its kind collaboration between Google Translate and the Inter-Cultural Association of Greater Victoria (ICA), BC, Canada, which uses the Google Translate app to aid in refugee resettlement and newcomer inclusion in communities.  The We Speak Translate project address the number on barrier to new immigrant integration – language – by re-purposing technology as a tool and symbol for welcoming communities – which value diversity and inclusion

In October 2016, ICA’s Community Integration Coordinator, Kate Longpre, M.A., approached Google Translate with the idea for the We Speak Translate project.  The project objective was to address the number one barrier to new immigrant integration: language.  Furthermore, Kate was interested in repurposing technology, as a tool and symbol for welcoming communities, which value diversity and inclusion.  Google Translate was immediately interested in the project concept and in April 2017 the We Speak Translate pilot project launched in Victoria, BC, the first location worldwide to initiate the project.

“Google is humbled and excited to be supporting this project with the goal of helping New Canadians make the often challenging transition to life in Canada through language and engagement”. – Roque Silva, Interaction Designer, Google Translate 

The project involves a free, 45 minute training on the Google Translate app, for community stakeholders, organizations, business and institutions.  Familiarity with the Google Translate app establishes a common platform for communication while newcomers develop their English or French language skills. The Google Translate app is a tool that can support communication however, it cannot replace an accredited or professional translator/interpreter.  We Speak Translate Decal circle

“When I see the We Speak Translate sticker in a window, I feel confident that people want to speak with me and get to know me.” – Ibrahim Hajibrahim, Syrian Resettled Refugee

From April 2017 – January 2019 over 2600 community members and stakeholders have received Google Translate training through the We Speak Translate project. The We Speak Translate interactive map (below) highlights some of the organizations, businesses and institutions that have participated in the project.

We Speak Translate training

Training Goals & Benefits:

  1. Encourage welcoming communities that value diversity, inclusion and integration.
  2. Become familiar with the Google Translate app (free, downloadable app for smartphones and tablets).
  3. Establish a common platform for communication with newcomers while English language skills develop.

Additional Information:

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Project Media and Resources:

« Google Translate » pour mieux accueillir les nouveaux arrivants

Kate Longpre 2018 Victoria Community Leadership Award Recipient

We Speak Translate Project and Training Evaluation Infographic (January, 2018)

http://victoriafoundation.bc.ca/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/Vital-Signs-2017_low-res.pdf (pg. 8-9)


City of Victoria, Committee of the Whole – We Speak Translate training










Project Funders:

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We Speak Translate Training Project

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