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ICA's Executive Director Wins Leadership Victoria Award.

Nominee and Winner

February 26, 2013
ICA's Executive Director Wins Leadership Victoria Award.
The Inter-Cultural Association of Greater Victoria (ICA) is pleased to announce that Jean McRae, ICA's Executive Director, has won the "United Way of Greater Victoria Award for Collaboration and Partnership." The award recognizes an individual leader in a non-profit organization who is building community capacity by creating partnerships and collaboration.
"I feel very honored to have my work and ICA's work on the Community Partnership Network singled out for this recognition, says McRae. "I am also very happy to congratulate Letitia Annamalai, ICA's Youth Facilitator, on her nomination for the youth leadership award. Leadership Victoria is doing a wonderful job of strengthening leadership in our community."
McRae was nominated by the Saanich Police Department for ICA's work with the Community Partnership Network. ICA serves as the lead agency for the Community Partnership Network (CPN), a group of over 100 local agencies, businesses and institutions committed to building diverse, welcoming and inclusive communities in Greater Victoria. The Saanich Police have been very active in their partnership with ICA.
Jean McRae has been the Executive Director of the Inter-Cultural Association of Greater Victoria since 1998. McRae has worked in the field of immigrant services since 1982 in BC and Central America, and has served on many boards and committees concerning issues of immigrant integration. She is past president of the Affiliation of Multicultural Societies and Service Agencies of BC. She currently serves on the Vancouver Foundation's Health and Social Development Committee, and is co-chair of the National Working Group on Small Centre Strategies for the Attraction and Retention of Immigrants, and sits on the Executive Committee of the Canadian Council for Refugees.

Picture above:
(Left) Nominee Letitia Annamalai,  ICA Youth Services Facilitator
(Right) Jean McRae, Executive Director
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