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Voice & Place: Our Exhibit is Ready to Travel!


After a well attended and festive launch at the Arts Centre at Cedar Hill on Saturday May 12, the travelling photographic exhibition, Voice & Place: Culture, Community, and Belonging is ready to come to you! Help make your organization more welcoming and diverse by hosting this display of images by newcomer photographers.

Available for any length of time from a day to a few weeks, the complete exhibition features 17 banner stands and a slide show and is scalable to fit spaces of any size. This exhibition is part of our Welcome BC Legacy Initiative and is available to community organizations to display free of charge.

“Every photograph contains a story, and every story has a vitality that connects the storyteller to an audience, each with a significant role in the knowing of the story," says documentary photographer and educator, Quinton Gordon, who led the Voice & Place workshops. 

Last fall, 23 photographers from various international backgrounds embarked on a journey to photographically portray their experience of making Victoria and the Capital Regional District their home. In Quinton's workshops, each participant worked through the following core themes: Friends & Family, Community, Fears, and Hopes & Dreams. Each theme was designed to promote the photographer's ability to examine their individual experience and sense of place in the community.

"Collectively, the photographs presented here tell a story about what makes a community welcoming and inclusive, but they also tell the personal stories of the photographers," says Quinton. "Individually, these images become personal narratives that reflect intimate moments or subjects that are important to the photographer.

This exhibition is a gift to the audience, a story shared, and it is up to us to listen to the universal language of photography so that we may know the stories of others, and find ourselves within them.”

"I feel so much better here in Canada, more welcomed, more integrated," says one of the project participants. "It meant a lot to me to be able to participate in these workshops, and it made me feel special to be part of this beautiful exhibition."

For more pictures of the opening, please check our our Flickr page.

Please contact Karin Scarth, ICA Arts & Outreach Manager at 250-388-4728 ext 129 or to find out about how you can host this exhibition.