Responding to the Refugee Crisis: Sponsorship Information Event. July 21, 2018

Ways to Give

There are many ways to help build cultural connections in our community.

Help a Refugee

ICA will continue to assist community sponsoring organizations or five or more Canadian citizens or permanent residents who get together to sponsor a refugee or refugees. Sponsoring groups assist with financial obligations, as well as the reception, housing, and care of the refugee newcomers when they arrive to the region.

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Make a Donation

As a non-profit organization, your donation will greatly help us to achieve success.


At ICA, we value volunteering as an opportunity to welcome newcomers and build a respectful and inclusive community. Our volunteer positions provide individuals with the opportunity to engage in cross-cultural interaction, gain valuable skills, and make a positive difference in the Greater Victoria community.

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Join the Community Partnership Network

ICA serves as the lead agency for the Community Partnership Network (CPN), a group of over 90 local agencies, businesses and institutions committed to building diverse, welcoming and inclusive communities in Greater Victoria. CPN members work to develop their capacity by sharing resources and information aimed at promoting and supporting our increasingly diverse region.

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Join the Safe Harbour Network

The Safe Harbour Program is a nation-wide initiative designed for local businesses and organizations who wish to take a leadership role in creating an environment where all members of our community feel safe and welcomed. ICA is the Safe Harbour community representative and provides two-hour Safe Harbour sessions at no cost  to local businesses and agencies.

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Become a Mentor

Mentoring Services connects internationally trained professionals with qualified local mentors to help guide newcomers along their career development path. It allows for a safe environment for immigrant professionals to explore the local labour market and the “unspoken rules” of the Canadian workforce. Mentors provide support by sharing information about their career path, education options, professional networks, workplace culture, job search techniques, and more. They support and encourage newcomers in their goals, expose newcomers to different perspectives, and share information. The specific ways that a mentor helps depensd on the unique needs of each client and the skills that the mentor brings.

Volunteer mentors may participate in a 3-month mentorship involving bi-weekly meetings or in a one-time informational interview.

Please contact Mirko Kovacev, Mentoring Services Facilitator, for more information on this rewarding volunteer opportunity at or 250-388-4728 ext. 122.