Upcoming Workshops, Classes, and Training

The Inter-Cultural Association of Greater Victoria (ICA) offers a variety of educational workshops and training seminars covering a range of topics related to multiculturalism, diversity awareness, immigration, and human rights in the workplace and community.

Settlement Workshops

Citizenship Classes
Pre-Natal Class - June 2017
Settlement Orientations in English April 2017
Settlement Orientations in Chinese April-May 2017
Cooking for Newcomers May 2017
Walking Group May 2017 - Jun 2017
Baby Talk April - May 2017
Settlement Orientations in English May - Jun 2017

Seniors Workshops

Seniors Group - May 2017

Employment Workshops

Entrepreneur in Residence
Job Search for Newcomers May 2017

Youth Workshops

ACE Camp July 2017
Vibe - May 2017
The Meet Up Feb - June 2017

Culturally Welcoming Diversity Workshops

Greater Victoria’s increasing diversity brings evolving challenges for local businesses and organizations. Differing values, beliefs and communication styles, for example, influence the way people interact, solve problems, and achieve goals. ICA offers a range of interactive cultural competency workshops using the successful Creating Culturally Welcoming Communities and Business curriculum.

For more information about the workshops, visit the ICA Diversity Training webpage at: http://www.icavictoria.org/community/diversity-training/

Please note that priority is given to Community Partnership Network (CPN) members for bookings of diversity workshops. If your organization or business would like to become a CPN member, click on the link below:

Become a CPN Member