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ICA Leadership Team

Winnie Lee
Interim Chief Executive Officer

As the Interim CEO I will oversee all aspects of ICA’s operations until the new CEO has been appointed by the board.

I have had the pleasure of working at ICA since 1997 and my role has varied from frontline work with clients and volunteers, to program design and implementation of services. My family’s personal immigration experience is what attracted me to work in this field more than 20 years ago. My parents did not have the opportunity to benefit from settlement services, LINC classes, or employment support. It is important to me to help ensure all immigrants and refugees arriving to Canada can take full advantage of available services they are entitled to and have the best possible support.

Todd Kitzler
Acting Director of Operations

As the Acting Director of Operations at ICA, I am responsible for the operations of all newcomer client services, while providing managerial support to senior staff.

I started teaching EAL overseas in 1986 and have been working at ICA since 1993. During my time with ICA, I have worked as a LINC Instructor, Head Language Instructor and Language Services Manager. After I started teaching English at ICA, I quickly realized that helping newcomers adjust to living in Canada is very important work. ICA teaches newcomers the practical language tools needed, as well as information about local people, cultures, government and employment to help them and their families thrive in Victoria.

Meghan Mergaert
Director of Impact and Innovation

Since 2019, I have led the Community Engagement and Impact and Innovation team at ICA, overseeing community development, communication, fundraising, program design, and client evaluation.  Prior to this role, I served as ICA’s Development Manager since 2012.

For more than 15 years, I have had the pleasure of learning from and working with immigrant and refugee communities in Victoria, BC. My experience includes designing, delivering and evaluating complex programs for high-needs immigrants and refugees, with a special focus on assisting immigrant and refugee youth.

I continue to be inspired by the people I meet through this fulfilling work. The strength of newcomers motivates me to find solutions that support them as they create a new home and are welcomed into our community.


Alkarim Versi
Director of Finance

As the Director of Finance at ICA, my role is to provide specialized support to ensure the financial health of ICA. I bring more than 16 years of broad experience in the international, not-for-profit sector in areas of program and financial management, strategic planning, board governance advisory, training and facilitation, and key stakeholder dialogue.

With diverse work experiences in over 20 countries in Africa, Europe, and North America, I am excited to join the ICA leadership team. I believe in the organization’s mission, its inclusive and rights-based approach to building a strong community, as well as its strong advocacy in anti-racism, multiculturalism, diversity awareness and human rights. This work resonates deeply with my sense of passion and drive.

Elaine van Niekerk
Manager of People and Culture

As the Administration and HR Manager at ICA, my role is to work in partnership with the leadership team to develop HR strategies while administering best practices that align with ICA’s values, mission, and vision. I also serve as Administration Manager, overseeing ICA office operations to ensure a safe and healthy workplace.

My career at ICA started in 2013 as the Office Manager and Executive Assistant, and since that time, my areas of expertise have expanded to include  accreditation consultation, office management, labour relations, organizational development, workforce engagement, compliance management, health and safety, and policy development. ICA is committed to cultural diversity and as such, it is very rewarding to employ and work with culturally diverse individuals from all over the world, as I myself immigrated to Canada from South Africa in 1997.

Sika Patton
Acting Language Services Manager

As the Acting Language Services manager, I am responsible for overseeing and supporting the LINC (Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada) program, the childcare program, the assessment team, and the Language Services administrative support team.

I began as an EAL teacher in 2004 and taught various levels of LINC classes at ICA starting in 2011. I also worked as Head Language Instructor from 2016-2022.  Helping newcomers become comfortable, confident, and successful in their lives in Canada has been inspiring and rewarding. I am committed to working to meet the diverse needs of our clients so that they can achieve their goals. It is also a pleasure to work alongside the dedicated and passionate ICA staff. I look forward to supporting the Language Services department’s objective of helping newcomers thrive in Canada.

Mirko Kovacev
Employment Services Manager

As the Acting Employment Services Manager, I oversee the Employment Services programs, including Career Paths, Game Changer and WorkBC. I started my career at ICA in 2013, as the Mentoring Services Facilitator/Employment Facilitator, and continued as an Immigrant Employment Specialist, providing frontline client services to newcomers’ job seekers in the Greater Victoria Area. I transitioned to the role of Employment Services Coordinator thereafter, providing client services support to the Career Paths team and overseeing the Settlement Employment Services.

I am passionate about the services and supports that we offer at ICA, as they address the current and evolving job search needs of newcomers and refugees, and thus providing them with the information and supports they need to become successful in the local labour market.

Quinton Gordon
Manager – Strategic Engagement

As the Manager of Strategic Engagement at ICA, my role is to develop, implement and oversee ICA’s communications strategies across all departments, including our client and community services.

My background includes working internationally in Costa Rica, New Zealand and the UK, for more than 25 years, helping tell the stories and share the impact of organizations in social, cultural and environmental sectors. Joining ICA’s leadership team in 2018 offered me the opportunity to focus my efforts on ICA’s mission–to support newcomers in Greater Victoria, while working alongside the community to address issues of racism and build a strong community that celebrates our diversity and provides the opportunity for us all to thrive–means I spend each day working towards values that I believe in.

Paulina Grainger
Manager of Arts, Equity and Community Engagement

As the Manager of Arts and Community Engagement at ICA, my role is to develop and implement community based programs that support greater cultural competencies through anti-racism training programs like Tools for Equity as well as other community and arts engagement programs focused on diversity, equity and inclusion.

I joined ICA in 2012 and as a Black, immigrant woman of colour, with a deep connection to community and broad knowledge of the many systemic barriers faced by refugees and newcomers to Canada continuously informs my work. I use an innovative approach of art-based practices to explore critical social issues around equity, justice, diversity and inclusion, for which I was honoured to receive the BC Multiculturalism Award in 2016. My background includes experience as a community organizer, activist, arts administrator, actor, general manager of PUENTE Theatre, storyteller and TV and radio producer for International Advertising Agencies in Kenya, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Sri Lanka.

Sabine Lehr
PSR Manager

As the Private Sponsorship of Refugees Manager at ICA, my role is to implement ICA’s Sponsorship Agreement with the Government of Canada that began in 2015 and coordinate the sponsorship groups that support refugees coming to Greater Victoria under the PSR program.

I joined ICA’s leadership team in 2012 and have held various positions , including Settlement Manager, until I was offered the opportunity to lead the refugee sponsorship program – a cause that I am passionate about.  My experience welcoming immigrants and refugees to Greater Victoria and the resettlement of refugees through citizen sponsorship at the local, national, and–at times–international levels. I am honoured to work alongside amazing people in our community to bring some of the world’s most vulnerable people to safety. Seeing resettled refugees in Victoria not just survive, but thrive, and give back to their new community has been a deeply humbling experience.

Aly Essa
RAP Manager

As the Resettlement Assistance Manager at ICA, my role is to oversee the Government Assisted Refugee Resettlement program providing services to the individuals and families arriving in Greater Victoria under a one year refugee sponsorship with the Canadian government. My team and I work to help find housing, medical support and employment.

My career at ICA started as an educator, running workshops and trainings covering a range of topics. After transitioning to ICA’s Housing Coordinator, I joined ICA’s leadership team. This role aligned with my passion to integrate newcomers and build diversity in the community I love and grew up in. As a Victorian and a local business owner for more than 25 years, I care deeply about ICA’s values of inclusion, education and partnership.

Elie Kozma
Immigrant & Refugee Services Manager

As the Immigrant and Refugee Services Manager at ICA I oversee all settlement services programs including our Settlement Workers in Schools program that serves School Districts 61, 62 and 63.

Growing up in Canada as a son of a forcibly displaced family has shaped who I am today. I am a first generation Lebanese Canadian, and I thrive in environments working with diverse people. I have witnessed a lot of misunderstanding around cultural differences and colonization of indigenous people lands in Canada. This is part of the reason why I am at ICA, contributing to a holistic shift in our communities through ICA’s programming and services that help combat systemic inequalities. My education is as a social scientist with a focus on human/cultural geography and city planning in conjunction with public administration. I joined ICA in 2012 as the Employment Services Coordinator. I also worked with ICA’s Folkfest production team and moved into management for the RAP program in 2016, eventually managing settlement and the SWIS programs.

Community Partnership Network (CPN)

The Community Partnership Network (CPN) is a group of more than 300 local agencies, businesses, and institutions committed to building diverse, equitable, and inclusive communities in Greater Victoria.

Immigrant Welcome Centre

From housing and education to employment services, ICA’s Settlement Services team can help newcomers navigate and connect with important resources and support.

Board Bios

ICA board members bring a wealth of diverse skills, experience and community leadership to the governance of the organization. Each is personally committed to the work of building a more diverse, equitable and inclusive community that supports newcomer immigrants and refugees throughout the Capital Region.