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Community Partnership Network (CPN)

The Community Partnership Network (CPN) is a group of more than 300 local agencies, businesses, and institutions committed to building diverse, welcoming, and inclusive communities in Greater Victoria. CPN members work to develop their capacity by sharing resources and information aimed at promoting and supporting our increasingly diverse region.

ICA is the lead agency for the CPN. Our long term goal is to develop the Capital Regional District’s capacity to more effectively attract and to welcome and integrate newcomers into our communities, workplaces, and organizations. This project is made possible through funding from the United Way of Greater Victoria.

As a CPN member you will:
  • Be invited to attend CPN meetings to network with other like-minded organizations;
  • Receive invitations to attend multicultural events and diversity training sessions;
  • Learn of opportunities to partner with other CPN members on regional diversity initiatives; and
  • Contribute to media and education campaigns that promote diversity in the region.

“The Canadian Cancer Society is committed to respecting, responding to, involving and including the diverse communities we serve. We know that cancer doesn’t discriminate and we strive to provide services that are accessible to all. Having the support of the CPN and other member stakeholders provides us an opportunity to learn from one another and help to create a community-wide commitment to recognize and embrace the diversity of our community and individuals.”

Canadian Cancer Society

CPN Vision and Goals

With the overarching vision to more effectively attract, welcome and integrate newcomers into our community, workplaces, organizations and institutions, CPN’s goals are as follows:

1. Raise awareness among community leaders and business managers of the need to create more welcoming and inclusive communities and workplaces in the Greater Victoria region.

2. Help people recognize and understand that ‘inclusion’ is their concern and to reach out and build pods of advocates within organizations and across sectors.

3. Strengthen the collective knowledge and skill-set of partnering organizations and develop an ongoing professional learning network and learning opportunities.

4. Identify and apply solutions to known barriers to inclusion.

5. Ask leaders, employers, service and learning agents, policy/program decision makers, front-line staff and others what types of organizational and educational needs will enable them to facilitate immigrant integration.

6. Facilitate opportunities, provide useful tools and establish new relationships.


Watch CPN members talk about their experience.

Become a CPN Member

You are invited to become a member and take a leadership role in building inclusive workplaces and welcoming communities. CPN membership will allow you to network with other organizations and businesses and to share resources, skills, and information to promote and support diversity in our region.

The CPN shares up-to-date information on multiculturalism issues and diversity trends; provides opportunities for diversity training and professional development; and supports the organizational capacities of member organizations.


*Please note that new memberships are currently suspended.

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Local Immigration Partnership (GVLIP)

Greater Victoria Local Immigration Partnership (GVLIP) focuses on strategic partnerships to develop equitable policies impacting governance, education, health care and housing in our community.

Tools for Equity

ICA’s Tools for Equity training program for businesses and organizations, addresses racial disparities and employment barriers faced by immigrants, refugees, and communities of colour in the Capital Regional District.

Anti-Racism Training

The Inter-Cultural Association of Greater Victoria (ICA) helps individuals and organizations fight racism by providing information, training and tools to help businesses and organizations create a diverse, welcoming and equitable workplace and community.