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Create an Anti-Racist Workplace

Resources to help your organization do the necessary work.

In Greater Victoria, more than 30% of working immigrants with university degrees are employed in unskilled positions. Make your company a more competitive player by giving people opportunities to lead and develop new skills. Include more people around the table to contribute new ideas and improve your workplace.

Join the Greater Victoria Local Immigration Partnership (GVLIP) in taking a leadership role in our communities. Learn about how the campaign was created here.

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Immigration and Employment Summit Report

This report captures the round table conversations at the GVLIP summit “Diversity Works! Immigration and Employment in the Capital Region” that took place on June 7, 2022. Local panelists spoke about their experiences with racism and anti-immigrant sentiment in the workplace; shared suggestions for employers to change workplace cultures; and spoke about the benefit of having a diverse workforce.

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Tools for Equity Program

Using customized and engaging activities and course modules, the Tools for Equity Training Program helps organizations create a progressive, anti-racist workplace. Tools for Equity is designed for medium to large sized organizations and businesses.

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Employers Playbook: Strategies for Immigrant Inclusion

The Employer Playbook provides easy-to-implement strategies that support your efforts to recruit the best candidates to see your organization through these turbulent times, add diverse perspectives that support your company’s resilience and foster an inclusive workplace where immigrant employees can thrive.

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Diversity Institute

The Ted Roger’s School of Management’s Diversity Institute conducts and coordinates multi-disciplinary, multi-stakeholder research to address the needs of diverse Canadians, the changing nature of skills and competencies, and the policies, processes and tools that advance economic inclusion and success. The facts speak for themselves, inclusion is good for society and good for the bottom line.

Other Local Training Resources

Diversity and Inclusion Self-Assessment

Assess how your organization is faring on your diversity and inclusion journey. Created by the Diversity and Inclusion Resource Hub.

Immigrant Employment Council of BC

The IEC-BC is a not-for-profit organization that provides BC employers with solutions, tools and resources they need to attract, hire and retain qualified immigrant talent.

INclusion INcorporated

INclusion INcorporated provide opportunities for leaders to create spaces and places where belonging is the normative value. The training, action plans and tools provided allow organizations to implement sustainable inclusion strategies.

Inclusion Project - Employment Equity Partnership Program

A public-private partnership on data-driven solutions to systemic racism and inequitable employment in Canada.

Indigenous Perspectives Society

This charitable, not-for-profit social enterprise offers specialized training and consulting services to help foster a deeper understanding of Indigenous perspectives, cultural differences, and the need for self-determination.

Kulea Culture Society

Kulea Culture Society’s work is focused on developing better understanding and acceptance through training and events that celebrate our different cultures.

Lead to Change

Lead to Change works with action-oriented business leaders, people managers and HR professionals. Their intensive coaching programs enable companies to assess their core structure to co-create action-based frameworks that address Anti-Black racism and create a more socially just organization.

One Love Consulting

Specializing in anti-racism and equity facilitated discussions, trainings and consultations with IBPoCs and white affinity groups, this organization focuses on systemic racism, Anti-Black racism, racial equity, social justice, unintended bias, micro-aggressions, and white fragility.

Background Research

The following are current research papers and resources that provide insight into diversity and inclusion issues in Canada, with respect to workplaces and economic issues.

Local Research & Insight

Produced by the Greater Victoria Local Immigration Partnership.

Document Cover: Racism in Greater Victoria: A Community Report
Racism in Greater Victoria: A Community Report (2021)

View Document

Document Cover: GVLIP Community Response Protocol Against Racism and Hate
Community Response Protocol Against Racism and Hate (2021)

View Document

Other Canadian Research Reports & Resources

Black Canadian National Survey Report 2021

Blackness in Canada Project

Business and Racial Justice in Canada

Widening Inequality – Effects of the Pandemic on Jobs and Income

Islamophobia at Work: Challenges and Opportunities

Gender Equality and Beyond

Canadian Race Relations

Bringing an Employee Lens to Diversity & Inclusion in Corporate Canada

Who is succeeding in the Canadian Labour Market


The Greater Victoria Local Immigration Partnership (GVLIP) is a coalition of businesses, organizations, institutions, community leaders and newcomers working together to lower barriers to inclusion and belonging for new immigrants. We are funded by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). We are also the local spoke in the Resilience BC Anti-Racism Network, funded by the BC Government.

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