Tools for Equity Program

To create a community where everyone can fully participate and have equal opportunity to succeed, we must address the historical roots of racism and discrimination that impact us all. This includes creating tools to address systemic and institutional racism that exists in many workplaces. In our recent city-wide survey on community perceptions of racism across Greater Victoria, 61% of residents felt that supportive practices and anti-racism policies in workplaces were critical to addressing issues of racism within Victoria.

ICA’s Tools for Equity training program addresses racial disparities and employment barriers faced by immigrants, refugees, and communities of colour in the Capital Regional District. Through training and organizational coaching, the program will help organizations and businesses develop:

  • long-term equity frameworks
  • promising equity policies, and
  • institutional practices that strengthen management and employee competencies at all levels.

Bystander Intervention Training

The Bystander Intervention Training Program is designed to equip Victoria residents with practical skills and tools to be better anti-racist allies.

Inequities will not disappear on their own. Tools must be used to create the change we want.

If your organization or business wants to encourage cultures of inclusion, close racial gaps and maximize anti-racist impacts in your place of work, please get in touch with us. No matter where you are on this journey, we will gladly work in collaboration with you to design strategies that not only advance justice and equal opportunity for all, but keep you relevant, competitive, and employers of choice.

The Tools for Equity program launches in October 2021.

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Contact Us

Paulina Grainger, Manager Arts, Equity + Community Engagement
Phone: 250.388.4728 Ext. 138

ICA offers community support to individuals and organizations working to be better allies in the fight against Systemic Racism.

Equity Homework Guide

Racial equity is deeply important work, and our current times require greater intentionality to shift existing culture. Deeper pre-engagement work and assessment of organizational readiness is critical to your overall success. Here are some questions you can ask yourself and begin finding answers to before starting the program with us:

Download The Equity Homework Guide

Resources To Learn More About Racial Justice

Employment Services

Whether you are a newcomer to Canada or an immigrant who has been here for many years, our Employment Services team can assist with job search and skills training programs to help you find work in the Canadian job market.

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Community Partnership Network (CPN)

The Community Partnership Network (CPN) is a group of more than 300 local agencies, businesses, and institutions committed to building diverse, equitable, and inclusive communities in Greater Victoria.