Attend Community Consultation for Anti-Racism Data Legislation

Participants will receive a $25 honorarium. Sign up for Chinese or Arabic session.

Bystander Intervention Training

ICA’s Bystander Intervention Training 1 will include practical training to help participants interrupt and address racism wherever they find it. This training teaches the history of bystander intervention, an overview of racism and its various forms, and an introduction to various constructive ways to intervene during instances of racism. Participants will begin to recognize ways they can use practical anti-racism tools to support Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour in their communities.

Fee Structure for Bystander Intervention Training

For Organizations / Groups: $1000

($500 each for Bystander Module 1 and 2. Both must modules be taken consecutively)

For Individuals

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Tools for Equity

We are proud to support residents of the Capital Region to learn practical anti-racism skills. ICA's Bystander Intervention Training will provide participants with tools and skills to interrupt and address incidents of racism and support racial justice in the region.

Although the Bystander program can be taken as a standalone training session by organizations/community members, it is also part of our larger Tools for Equity Program  and we highly encourage all organizations to take the full program if we are to have any hope of creating sustainable systemic change.

ICA’s Bystander Intervention Training 2 includes focused practice using the 5D strategies, de-escalation tools, and how to safely engage with perpetrators. Participants will build on their knowledge of various forms of racism, and how to recognize racist acts. The session will build on Bystander 1’s training on the differences between subtle forms of racism/discrimination, such as microaggressions, to overt racism: systemic barriers, physical violence, and other unfair treatment. Participants will go through various everyday scenarios requiring intervention and identify which appropriate strategies to use. Bystander Intervention Training builds on and follows Bystander 1. Completing both trainings is recommended. For further information, please contact our ICA team.

“I want to express my gratitude for the learning achieved through the Bystander Intervention Training. It was excellent. Your enthusiasm and energetic facilitation was a critical aspect of the training’s success. Your personal stories of taking action made the learning immediate and applicable. I feel so much better prepared to take action in the face of racist behaviour. I’ve made the shift to Upstander thanks to this training.”

Dacia Moss

I am so happy that I completed both the bystander 1 and 2 training modules as it gave me the tools and confidence I need to become an effective upstander. I came into these sessions with an understanding of what racism and microaggressions are and the importance of speaking up, but never quite knew how. After learning in the safe, interactive space created by Tari and the ICA, I now feel ready to be the ally and upstander I want and need to be.

Ashton Kerr / Program Manager, Lower Mainland Green Team

Contact Us 

Tariro Murwira, Community Engagement Coordinator
Phone: 250.388.4728 Ext. 167

Funding for this program was provided through the
City of Victoria’s Participatory Budgeting.

Building Community

ICA's Community Engagement Team works directly with community stakeholders to fight racism and support diversity, equity and inclusion for everyone in the Capital region regardless of race, gender identity or sexual orientation.

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