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Bystander Intervention Training

Frequently Asked Questions:
  • Who is this training for?

ICA’s Bystander Training is for individuals of diverse ages, and individuals of all backgrounds.

  • Do you provide training for individuals?

While we typically provide training to groups and organizations, we host  community sessions open for individuals at different times. Email our team to stay up to date on opportunities to sign up.

  • What is the process to set up a training?

E-mail the ICA team. You will then be set up for a pre-session meeting so we can do a needs assessment.

  • Can the training be in person?

Yes, our training can be delivered online via Zoom, or in person. Travel considerations will factor into the cost.

  • Can you provide special customized training?

Our Bystander training has a set curriculum, which we can adapt for various audiences according to age, background and needs. We also customize scenarios according to group context. However, the content arc is the same.

  • Can you shorten the training?

Our two-part Bystander Training is 5 hours in total. We typically do not shorten the length as we want to maintain the integrity of the training. We only make exceptions in special cases.

  • What if I cannot afford the training?

If cost is a barrier, it is also possible to share costs by combining your sessions with a partner group that has a similar mandate.

  • Do you provide training for schools?

Yes! We are able to customize our sessions for high school audiences.


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