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Inter-Cultural Arts & Outreach Program

Arts Program Mandate

The ICA Arts & Outreach program understands art as a tool and method to celebrate and communicate the immigrant and refugee experience.

The Arts Program provides a non-threatening and democratic space through which to tell the newcomer story. It is a space ICA uses to explore social issues, including, but not limited to those relating to race, culture, identity, gender, religion, stereotyping and discrimination. Our objective is to hold conversations that engage community, and share ideas that help break down barriers and help build healthy and welcoming communities.

The goals of the Arts Program are as follows:

  1. To build inclusive community through collaborative artistic projects.
  2. To nurture and strengthen cultural interaction and connection
  3. To create innovative & provocative work that:
  • Relates the newcomer narrative of coming to Canada
  • Is accessible and breaks down linguistic and cultural barriers
  • Actively changes the discourse around refugees and immigrants
  • Shift attitudes and creates better pathways for inclusion and integration into Canadian society
  • Values the contributions, talents and presence of newcomers
  • Uses art-based practices as a means for healing, reconciliation and the integration of marginalized communities
  • Engages audiences across multi-faceted cultural settings, encourages exchange and dialogue, promotes diversity, and fosters trust and mutual respect

Canada is a growing, dynamic and increasingly complex multicultural society. ICA believes that all cultures enrich our lives in many ways and it is essential that this diversity is celebrated and reflected in the arts. If it is not, our communities will be less vibrant, less interesting and less tolerant places to live.

For more information please contact: Paulina Grainger, Manager – Arts and Community Engagement: or call (250) 388-4728 Ext. 138.