Diversity Seminar

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Canadian Cancer Society

School District #61

Saanich Police Department

“The Canadian Cancer Society is committed to respecting, responding to, involving and including the diverse communities we serve. We know that cancer doesn’t discriminate and we strive to provide services that are accessible to all. Having the support of the CPN and other member stakeholders provides us an opportunity to learn from one another and help to create a community-wide commitment to recognize and embrace the diversity of our community and individuals.” – The Canadian Cancer Society

“Greater Victoria is a community where old neighbours and newcomers alike can build trusting relationships through respectful curiosity and openness to learning about themselves and others. It is a place with transparent local governance processes and public services that dignify all members, and support their efforts to make valuable contributions in our community.”  – CPN Member

“As a member of the Community Partnership Network I have gained a better understanding of how important a welcoming and inclusive community can be to a new arrival to our city. It takes many stakeholders around the table, and a commitment to the task, but we are building awareness and focus on these issues and are making a difference for the future of our Victoria citizens.” – Bruce Andrew, Canadian Red Cross, Coastal Region

“I started my consulting business to help immigrants grow into successful business owners. Immigrant businesses are under-represented in Victoria’s business community, and yet they are a vital and crucial part of our community’s economic and socio-cultural landscape. I am excited about the opportunity to connect with business and community leaders through the Community Partnership Network. Together, I believe we can be a bridge to support immigrant entrepreneurs in building businesses of great contribution.” – Rosalyn Cua, Small Business Consulting for Immigrants

“For the United Way of Greater Victoria one of our key visions is for a strong and caring communities that are safe, welcoming and inclusive for everyone. We are proud to be a member of the Community Partner Network.” – United Way of Greater Victoria

“Thanks to the CPN more people hear about PUENTE Theatre’s mandate of using theatre to build bridges between cultures. A welcoming and inclusive community is priceless: it is a gift for all newcomers and helps to create a healthy and creative environment for all.” PUENTE Theatre