Leading Your Organization with Cultural Intelligence

CPN Vision and Goals

The CPN overall vision  is to develop the Capital Region’s capacity to more effectively attract, welcome and integrate newcomers into our community, workplaces, organizations and institutions.

The following goals have been identified:

  1. Raise awareness among community leaders and business managers of the need to create more welcoming and inclusive communities and workplaces in the Greater Victoria region. To help people to recognize and understand that ‘inclusion’ is their concern and to reach out and build pods of advocates within organizations and across sectors.
  2. Strengthen the collective knowledge and skill-set of partnering organizations and develop an ongoing professional learning network and learning opportunities.
  3. Identify and apply solutions to known barriers to inclusion. Ask leaders, employers, service and learning agents, policy/program decision makers, front-line staff and others what types of organizational and educational needs will enable them to facilitate immigrant integration. Facilitate opportunities, provide useful tools and establish new relationships.

“Greater Victoria is a community where old neighbours and newcomers alike can build trusting relationships through respectful curiosity and openness to learning about themselves and others. It is a place with transparent local governance processes and public services that dignify all members, and support their efforts to make valuable contributions in our community. – CPN Member”

Watch  the video below from our CPN Diversity Seminar  with Alden Habacon:
Leadership, Multiculturalism 3.0 and Inclusion