Diversity Training

ICA’s educational services will assist your business or organization to be more inclusive and welcoming in our changing society and help us to build cultural connections.

Public Education and Workshop Programs
The Inter-Cultural Association of Greater Victoria (ICA) offers a variety of fee-for-service educational workshops and training seminars covering a range of topics related to multiculturalism, diversity awareness, immigration and human rights in the workplace and community.

Why Diversity Training?
Our community of Victoria, BC is growing and now reflects variety of colours, ethnicities, customs, languages, beliefs, abilities, values and talents. According to the 2016 census, 18% of Victoria’s residents are immigrants born outside of Canada. Nearly 14% of Victoria residents are members of a visible minority ethno-cultural group.

Your organization or business will benefit by better understanding how to be more responsive, innovative and welcoming in offering employment or providing services to this diverse and growing population.

Our workshops can help provide answers to your organization’s questions:

  • Does my business or organization staff reflect the diversity in our community?
  • How can my organization attract clients from a variety of ethno-cultural groups?
  • How effective is my organization or business in attracting, welcoming and retaining employees, volunteers and clients from diverse backgrounds?
  • Does my organization know how to respond to the service needs of our clients from other ethno-cultural backgrounds?

ICA’s dynamic and interactive workshops will help your organization improve its levels of cultural competency, diversity awareness, service quality, employee and volunteer recruitment and understanding in how best to accommodate the unique needs of diverse staff and clients.

Goal of the Workshops
The goal of our workshops is to promote understanding of diversity and provide practical tools for your business or organization to effectively welcome diversity and respond to discrimination.

Objectives of Workshops

  • Participants develop increased self-awareness of how individual & group perceptions, beliefs and values shape and impact how we interact with people in their organization & community.
  • Participants develop range of strategies & practices to better promote effective cross-cultural communication & promote a welcoming and inclusive organizational environment.
  • Participants will achieve a better understanding of diversity in your organization & develop practical skills and tools to help build and promote organizational diversity.

Cost, Format & Design

  • Using dynamic, fun and participatory activities, our workshops are designed to engage participants, while guiding them through a thoughtful exploration of issues related to diversity and providing practical tools and strategies to promote diversity.
  • Workshops range from in length depending on group size and topic.
  • More in-depth workshops can be designed and delivered for your organizations specific needs.Cost of each workshop is $150 per hour of delivery and includes costs for preparation and materials. The fee can be flexible based on your organization’s budget.


Welcoming Diversity into your Organization

  • Learn how your organization can assess its organizational diversity; develop and apply basic tools and strategies to attract new clients, create a welcoming environment for employees, and accommodate cultural needs of employees.
  • Understanding Cross-Cultural Dimensions All cultures share common dimensions such as language, faith, food or clothing. Through interactive small group activities and case scenarios learn how your organization can better understand and respond to and accommodate the cultural dimensions of your clients, staff and volunteers.

Cultural Competency Tools for your Organization

  • Learn how to conduct a diversity audit of your organization and create a long term action plan to welcome diversity into your workplace.

Human Rights in the Workplace and Community

  • Knowing your rights and responsibilities under the Canadian and BC Human Rights Codes is vital for any organization or business. Understand how the Human Rights Code impacts your organization and learn practical strategies to legally meet your obligations to accommodate the human rights needs of diverse clients and employees.

To Book a Workshop

If you would like to book a workshop please contact Paulina Grainger, Manager of Arts & Community Engagement:

Phone: 250-388-4728 ext 138 or Email: pgrainger@icavictoria.org