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Video Training with Maya & Jose:

Language is fundamental to the work we do at ICA. Our clients and staff represent a great diversity of languages from all over the world. We recognize the incredible importance and value of language. We also know that language is the number one barrier for many newcomers arriving and settling in Victoria from non-English speaking countries. ICA offers language support through many different services and programs.

Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada

ICA provides accredited English language training to the community through our Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC) Program.


ICA provides high quality professional interpretation services in many languages. Interpretations can occur in-person, by phone or provide representation at appointments.


ICA offers professional, culturally appropriate, translation services in many languages.

Important documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, passport stamps, driver’s licenses, school transcripts, criminal record checks, and much more can be translated.

Language for social inclusion

ICA offers a wide range of workshops, classes and training programs for newcomers and community members to learn new skills, share knowledge and be active in our community in many different ways.

All of these workshops provide opportunities for participants to practice and build English language skills. Some workshops and classes offered at ICA are specifically for the purpose of practicing speaking English in a fun, safe and supportive environment.

Programs such as Lunchtime Speaking, English as Second Language (ESL) Conversation Club, Mom & Baby English Class and Baby Talk are focused on English language skills development for people of all ages.

We Speak Google Translate Project:

ICA’s We Speak Translate project started in April 2017 and ran until early 2019. The project was a first of its kind collaboration between Google Translate and the Inter-Cultural Association of Greater Victoria (ICA). The project aimed to address language barriers to newcomer integration.

The project involved free in-person and webinar based 45 minute training sessions on how to use the Google Translate application, for community stakeholders, organizations, business and institutions. Participating businesses were provided with training and We Speak Translate decals and stickers to display. The symbol on the decals and stickers was used as to identify a place of business where Google Translate was being used and as a sign of welcome for non-English speakers.

From April 2017 – January 2019 over 2600 community members and stakeholders received Google Translate training through the We Speak Translate project.

ICA recognizes the success of the We Speak Translate project and continues to support language translation and awareness work. We have produced a new shorter training video for the Google Translate application featured at the top of this page. We wish to thank Gavin Andrews, Maya Hajj Taha and Jose Estrada for working with us to produce the new video.

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