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Safe Harbour Program

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Safe Harbour Program Welcomes and Protects Diversity

Safe Harbour: Respect for All is an award-winning diversity and inclusion education program for workplaces. We provide businesses, institutions and organizations with this online eLearning training to better understand the value of diversity and inclusion, address issues of discrimination in the workplace, and attract and retain a diverse workforce and clientele.

Why the Safe Harbour diversity and inclusion training?

It can be difficult to bring all staff and volunteers together for group in-person training. The Safe Harbour eLearning online course is a great way for more people to be able to participate and learn important concepts to support inclusive workplaces. We encourage employers who are purchasing the eLearning course to also create opportunities for follow-up discussion because the richest part of Safe Harbour training is having an opportunity to connect as a team and learn and share diverse perspectives.

Local Members
Nearly 50 local businesses and organizations are now part of the growing network. These businesses and organizations include:

Training Sessions
The Inter-Cultural Association of Greater Victoria (ICA) is the Safe Harbour community representative and is available to provide the face-to-face Safe Harbour training workshop sessions to local businesses and agencies when requested. If your organization would like to arrange for a Safe Harbour eLearning session, please contact the AMSSA program coordinator. Interested in learning more? Contact us at

For more information about Safe Harbour locally, please contact Steven Lorenzo Baileys of ICA at 388-4728 ext. 116 or email