Become a member of the Inter-Cultural Association of Greater Victoria (ICA)

ICA helps individuals and organizations to connect across cultures. We provide information, support and tools to help immigrants and refugees reach their goals. By engaging people through networks, education, employment, and arts programming we create a welcoming community.

In accordance with the BC Societies Act and ICA’s Constitution and Bylaws, we invite individuals, Societies (incorporated under Societies Act), and Corporations (in partnership with ICA) to apply to be a member. You can apply to be a voting Individual Member or a non-voting Associate Member.

To learn more about becoming a member of ICA, please continue reading below.

Individual Membership obligations and benefits include:

  • Individuals who are 18 years or older and not a current employee or contractor at ICA
  • Support ICA’s mission and commitment to building an inclusive, welcoming community
  • Receive ICA’s Annual Impact Report
  • Receive invitation to attend ICA’s Annual General Meeting
  • Eligible to vote at the Annual General Meeting
  • Become a member when approved by the Board. First year of membership is applicable from date approved by the Board to following March 31.  Membership is not prorated if only join part way through the year.

To become a member, you must pay $10 and apply either online or print and return this form.

ICA’s Board of Directors reviews all applications for individual membership. All memberships expire on March 31 of each year and must be renewed to maintain current membership status.

Here’s the link to apply for Individual Membership online
Here’s the link to print an application for Individual Membership

Associate Membership (non-voting members)

Associate members of ICA are individuals or societies that want to express their support for ICA but do not want to be or are not eligible to be voting members. There is no fee to become an Associate Member but a one-time application is required.

Beyond showing your support for ICA’s mission, Individual Members receive the following benefits you will receive ICA’s Annual Impact Report and an invitation to attend ICA’s Annual General Meeting

Here’s the link to apply for Associate Membership online
Here’s the link to print an application for Associate Membership

To see all membership rights and obligations, you can read ICA’s by-laws here.