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Become a Mentor

What is Mentoring Services?
Mentoring Services connects internationally trained professionals with qualified local mentors to help guide newcomers along their career development path. It allows for a safe environment for immigrant professionals to explore the local labour market, the “unspoken rules” of the Canadian workforce, and much more. It is a relationship based on mutual learning and sharing of knowledge. Mentoring Services is government-funded and free for all participants.

How do mentors help?
Mentors provide a link to the local community and culture. They support and encourage newcomers in their goals, expose newcomers to different perspectives, and share information about topics such as:

Canadian workplace culture and occupational practices;
The local job market;
Professional credentials, education, and work experience;
Networks of professionals and potential colleagues;
Broader services and systems in the community;
Career-related programs, services, and resources;
Workplace communication skills; and
Canadian and BC culture in general.
The specific ways that a mentor helps will depend on the unique needs of each of our clients and the skills that the mentor brings.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor or guest speaker, please contact Mirko Kovacev, Acting Employment Services Coordinator at 250 388 4728 Ext. 122 or


“This was a rich learning experience for me and certainly one of the most rewarding volunteer experiences I’ve had.” Janet, Mentor

“I am retired, but being a mentor gives me an opportunity to get in touch with former work colleagues so my mentee and myself can search out the emerging job opportunities that my fit the skills and experience of a recent immigrant.” Larry, Mentor

“The support from my mentor helped me to decide on applying for visual arts program which I have always dreamed of doing, but I never had enough courage. What is more, my mentor showed me ways of combining my teaching profession with art. I have better idea of what I want to do it in my life, than ever before. I have learned I am capable of more than I thought. I also see more opportunities for myself.” Anna, Mentee

“I could count on Sandeep when I ran into the wall of the Canadian job market environment. She was willing to explain her experience about her job search and listen to my feelings and even complaints. From this experience, I have not only learned that attitude is vital to a successful job search, but I also learned a lot about myself as well.” Seonhee, Mentee