Government-Assisted Refugees

In February 2016, the Inter-Cultural Association of Greater Victoria (ICA) was approved by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to provide services to Government-Assisted Refugees (GARs) under the Resettlement Assistance Program (RAP). ICA began to deliver this program on February 29, 2016. During the first two weeks of March, over 150 Syrian refugees arrived to the Capital Regional District (CRD). We anticipate more individuals and families will be resettled in the region over the coming year, bringing the total number of Syrian refugees closer to 300. Many families have found permanent housing, but housing needs remain high and we encourage any communities members with housing leads to contact us.

Support for government-assisted refugees can last up to one year from the date of arrival in Canada, or until the refugee is able to support himself or herself, and may include:

  • accommodation;
  • clothing;
  • food;
  • help in finding employment and becoming self-supporting; and
  • other resettlement assistance.

ICA is a service provider organization helping to facilitate the resettlement of government-assisted refugees under the Resettlement Assistance Program and in coordination with community partners, is responsible for air port pickups, assisting with short and long-term accommodation, providing access to medical resources, and a variety of other essential services.

If you have information about housing please contact:
Aly Essa, Resettlement Assistance Program Coordinator at

Community members wanting to learn more about volunteer opportunities in support of refugees can contact:
Liz Bean,  Coordinator of Volunteer Services at

If you would like to donate to refugees, please visit our donations page.


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