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Giving Back Starts At Any Age

When Callie and Karina Allen (ages 8 and 10) and Lillia White (age 10) learned about the Ukraine war at school, they wanted to help.

Feeling At Home in Victoria

Bob first landed in Edmonton in 2013 while Lathika took care of their children back home. Through Bob's work on cruise ships before moving in Canada, he had the chance to visit Victoria and believed it would be the best place to raise their two children.

They put a plan together to set up a lemonade stand including a menu, roles and responsibilities to help support Ukrainian refugees who settle in Greater Victoria. On August 20, in the generous Central Saanich community, they set up their lemonade stand with homemade baked cookies and popcorn. They created decorated signs including handmade Ukrainian flags across their table.

Many pedestrians and drivers in the area stopped by (including a few repeat customers), and within almost four hours, the girls made $300. Some neighbours simply donated money for the cause while others were grateful they were doing this at all. Many asked them why they were doing this, and the girls responded, ’We learned about the Ukraine war, and we wanted to help. This is the right thing to do’.

We want to thank Callie, Karina and Lillia for donating their lemonade stand proceeds in helping Ukrainians with full settlement services in the Greater Victoria area. Every donation can make such a difference with our displaced Ukrainian friends.

Our future is bright with young leaders like them who have the desire to want to help in their own way.