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Youth & Family Services

Check out our great programs for immigrant youth between the ages of 7-28.

We can help you to build your sense of community while having fun with other youth from around the world.

For General Inquiries:

Gita John-lyam, Youth & Family Services Coordinator
Email: gjohn-iyam@icavictoria.org

For Program Inquiries:

Kaylin Arason, Youth Settlement Worker
Email: karason@icavictoria.org
Phone: 250.388.4728 Ext. 2198

Settlement Workers in Schools (SWIS)

A school-based outreach program aimed at helping eligible newcomer students (immigrants and refugees) and their families settle and integrate into their school and community.

Youth Programs Offered

Ages 7-14

The Landing Spot: Free after school? Join us at the Landing Spot, a free program for newcomer youth ages 7-14. We offer games, arts, sport activities, and more! Come by for learning, meet new people around the world, and have fun. Healthy snacks provided.

One-on-One Support: Need someone to talk to? Want to sign up for sports and other community activities? Get one-on-one support from one of our Settlement Youth Workers in whatever your needs are.

For more information, please contact:

Kaylin Arason,
Youth Settlement Worker
Email: rmcgeough@icavictoria.org  Phone: 250-388-4728 ext. 2198

Ages 15-18

One-on-One Individual Support: Need someone to talk to? Trying to find a job or volunteer opportunities? Want to sign up for sports and other community activities? Settlement Youth Workers can help you with resume building, getting engaged in community activities, and more. You can set up flexible, one-on-one appointments with them anytime.

Homework Helper: Need homework help? Join us during the week for Homework Helper. Homework Helper is a free program that matches high school students to a volunteer that can help them in whatever subject they need.

Culture Catch-Up: ICA’S Youth Social Night! Culture Catch Up is a free program for newcomer teens ages 15-18. Join us for online and in-person sessions so you can have fun, and make new friends. Games and activities include outdoor adventures, exploring Victoria, art, sports, community building, and more!

Ages 19-28

One-on-One Individual Support: Need help registering for post-secondary education? Want one-on-one emotional support? Looking for a job and wanting support? You can get one-on-one support through our Settlement Youth Workers. Our team can help you with anything from applying to jobs to applying for government supports. Make an appointment with a Youth Settlement Worker to learn more.

That Thing on Thursday (TTOT): That Thing on Thursday is a free program for newcomer young adults ages 19-28. Join us for online and in person sessions to have fun, learn about your community, and make new friends! Sessions and activities include outdoor adventures, exploring Victoria, art, sports, community building, and more!

Game Changer: Youth Employment Program

The Game Changer Youth Employment training Program pays youth (17-29) to learn the skills they need to find secure employment and a career path to success.

Anti-Racism Training

The Inter-Cultural Association of Greater Victoria (ICA) helps individuals and organizations fight racism by providing information, training and tools to help businesses and organizations create a diverse, welcoming and equitable workplace and community.

Bystander Intervention Training

The Bystander Intervention Training Program is designed to equip Victoria residents with practical skills and tools to be better anti-racist allies.