Photo #3. ICA's Community Development Coordinator Steven Baileys (centre in red scarf) gathers with Gutavson school faculty and staff.

Submitted by Steven Lorenzo Baileys, Community Development Coordinator

Partnerships and connections in our community can make a difference! Last month, ICA was invited to give a presentation about the work ICA does with newcomers to the faculty and staff of the UVic Gustavson School of Business (Gustavson School). The Gustavson School is one of the newest members of the Community Partnership Network (CPN) and is keen to expand connections in the community.

The Gustavson School and faculty offer a dynamic business education department with a vision around four value pillars: international, integrative, innovative, and sustainability/social responsibility. These values are incorporated throughout the school’s course content, teaching style, and in each student’s academic development. Many international students from around the globe study at Gustavson, and its faculty are from a range of countries, including India, Argentina, China, United States, and others.

The business school has sought to build community connections to foster and nourish new connections, spark ideas, and encourage innovation and change. “We take great pride in our commitment to classroom diversity, and we’re pleased that our efforts are setting the bar high for graduate business programs,” says Saul Klein, dean of the Gustavson School of Business.

Making connections between ICA and the Gustavson School has already started. In November 2017, ICA supported and participated in the first annual Victoria Diversity Forum, a national knowledge exchange forum coordinated by the Gustavson School. Currently, ICA and Gustavson faculty are planning a CPN Diversity Seminar to be hosted on February 15, 2018 at the University of Victoria. The seminar will be open to all CPN members and will explore the power of networking for newcomers to improve career success. The seminar will also explore how human and social capital produce important individual and organizational outcomes, including how to enhance the organizational diversity of CPN members.

Thank you to Dean Saul Klein and Professor Sudhir Nair and the rest of the faculty and staff for opening your doors to connections that will make our community a more welcoming and inclusive place!