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RRT-VI Education Resources

Vancouver Island Refugee Response Team 2022 educationThe Refugee Readiness Team – Vancouver Island focused on the following education needs:

  • Connecting with schools to share information on the best practices when working with English Language Learner (ELL) children and youth.
  • Sharing a list of all programs and resources available to resettled refugees and displaced Ukrainians across the Island.
  • Facilitating access to education opportunities for resettled refugees and displaced Ukrainians.

Inventory of Alternative Language Training Resources across the Island

Published: April 2023

(Disclaimer: The information provided in this document is subject to change without notice and some of the classes listed may not always be available. Therefore, we encourage our clients to contact the relevant center to confirm the availability of classes and to obtain the most up-to-date information.)


Trauma-Informed Education Resources

Students with Refugee Experience: A Guide for Teachers and Schools

A resource designed by the government of BC to support schools in creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for students who are refugees. It includes information on the experiences of refugee students, their unique needs and challenges, and practical strategies for supporting their integration into the school community. The guide is targeted at educators, school administrators, and support staff.




Supporting Ukrainian Newcomer Students

A very comprehensive resource developed in collaboration with
the Alberta Teachers’ Association and the Additional Languages and Intercultural Council (ALIC) includes a lot of relevant information, especially regarding dual learning, Ukrainian requirements, and the Ukrainian school system and curriculum, including many resources and activities, to better comprehend and provide support to Ukrainian Newcomer Students and their families.




Healing Families, Helping Systems: A Trauma-Informed Practice Guide for Working with Children, Youth and Families

A comprehensive resource designed by the government of BC to help organizations become more trauma-informed. It includes information on the principles of trauma-informed care, the effects of trauma, and practical strategies for creating a trauma-informed organization, as well as sample policies and case studies. The guide is targeted at a broad range of professionals and organizations, including mental health providers, social service agencies, and schools.




Peace Program Toolkit: Program for Children and Youth Experiencing Violence
Prevention, Education, Advocacy, Counselling and Empowerment

A BC Society of Transition House Resource





Compassionate Learning Communities: Supporting Trauma-Informed Practice

The resources include four workshop packages, intended to support schools and districts to affirm their current trauma-informed practice and further develop compassionate learning communities that operate within a trauma-informed practice.





Trauma-informed Practice Resources

A resource designed by the Government of Alberta to create a school environment where every student feels safe and supported and staff understand how trauma affects behavior and emotions.

The Refugee Readiness Team – Vancouver Island (RRT-VI) was an initiative that commenced in March 2022 and concluded in March 2024. As of March 31, 2024, this project has reached its completion and is no longer active. The materials presented here reflect the efforts and accomplishments of RRT-VI during its two-year duration. Please note that the services and activities described herein are not ongoing. For current initiatives and support services for refugees and displaced Ukrainians, please refer to the Greater Victoria Local Immigration Partnership (GVLIP) or other relevant local organizations and authorities.


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