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“When we are at ICA, we feel like we are with family. Our children are doing better in school thanks to ICA’s programs,” stated Bob and Lathika. “ICA is a wonderful organization that helps people coming to Canada.”

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Bob and Lathika moved to Canada from India for a better life. “Canada is so welcoming. It’s such a beautiful country,” says Bob. “We feel like it’s home even though we are from a different country.”

Bob first landed in Edmonton in 2013 while Lathika took care of their children back home. Through Bob’s work on cruise ships before moving in Canada, he had the chance to visit Victoria and believed it would be the best place to raise their two children.

When Lathika arrived in 2016, it was a stressful time. One of the first things she did that made a difference was attend English classes at ICA. Through classes and other ICA programs, both Lathika and Bob made new friends from around the world which helped them feel more connected to the community.

Also, Bob and Lathika signed their two children up for ICA’s Homework Club to ensure they were successful in their new schools. Now, their children never miss a chance to go on field trips or participate in activities organized by ICA’s Youth and Family Services team!

In 2019, just before the COVID-19 pandemic, Bob and Lathika opened Dosa Paragon in downtown Victoria. Their business was just starting to get off the ground when everything came to a halt. But they didn’t give up. They held on through the worst of the pandemic and are once again growing, employing staff and engaging in the community.

Thanks to ICA, Bob and Lathika feel at home in Greater Victoria.

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