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ICA’s 2021 Diversity Scholarship Award Winners


The pandemic has not dampened the ambitions of local students but the costs of higher education in Canada continue to rise. With the help of generous donors supporting the scholarship, ICA remains committed to supporting students who are dedicated to diversity and inclusion in their studies and their lives. This year, we are once again proud to share the three 2021 Diversity Scholarship winners with you:


High School Student – Alrayan Adlan

Alrayan Adlan came to Canada six years ago. She knew no one and didn’t speak English. Now, she volunteers for children’s programs, works after school to help support her family and is preparing to go to school to become a dental hygienist. As Alrayan says, “I love helping people and supporting them when they need is.” We expect Alrayan to continue to learn and be a valuable member of the community.

Undergraduate Student – Tuqa Al-Masawi

Tuqa was born in Iraq but lived in Libya and Lebanon before coming to Canada. Even under difficult circumstances, Tuqa volunteered to help Iraqi families including being a caregiver for children helping them know how to protect themselves in dangerous situations. In 2017, Tuqa arrived in Victoria through the World University Services of Canada (WUSC) and was able to begin her university education. In time, Tuqa will explore a long-awaited career in the medical field. “The Diversity Scholarship will go a long way towards supporting my goals of promoting cultural awareness and diversity in my local community, both in and outside of the university,” concludes Tuqa.


Ways To Give

Your tax-deductible donation helps ICA welcome, support and provide much-needed services for immigrants and refugees as they settle into the community. There are many ways to give a gift that has a direct, positive impact on the lives of newcomers. Donate or volunteer today!

Graduate Student – Cindy Quan

Cindy Quan’s parents came to Canada after leaving Viet Nam in the 1980s as refugees. After some years in Denmark, she return to Canada and is now pursuing a doctoral degree at the University of Victoria in clinical psychology. She plans to help newcomers adjust to life in Canada in particular children and their families who are learning English. “Having lived in different places as an immigrant – in places that were welcoming and places not as welcoming of outsiders – I am invested in fostering inclusivity and equity,” Cindy explained. Through Cindy’s research, she is looking at mental health and how racism impacts Asians and other minorities. ICA anticipates Cindy’s research and subsequent work will improve the lives of newcomers and promote human rights for all.


These students represent just three of the thousands of secondary and post-secondary scholars who are studying in the Capital Region. ICA is honoured to make these awards in the hopes that it provides needed resources in support of their continued education. For more information about ICA’s Diversity Scholarship program, please contact:

Aekyung Shin, Executive Assistant

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