youth services


Welcome to our school.  We are happy to have you study with us.  These are the rules that LINC students must follow:

1)   Students must attend every class.

2)   Students must come to school on time. The classroom door will close 15 minutes after the start of your class, and you will have to wait to enter the classroom. The classroom door will open again 30 minutes after the start of your class to let late students in. The door will close again until coffee break. You can enter the classroom at coffee break. The door will close from the end of coffee break until the end of class.

3) If you cannot come to class you must email your teacher or leave a message at ICA reception (250-388-4728) for your teacher.

4)  You may be absent only if:

  1. You are sick. (Your teacher may ask you for a doctor’s note if you are sick for longer than one week.)
  2. You have a child who is sick and there is nobody to take care of the child.
  3. You have an appointment with a doctor or dentist.
  4. You have an appointment at a Canada Immigration Centre or at a Human Resources Centre.
  5. You have a job interview.
  6. You have another good reason to be absent (e.g. you are moving) and talk to your teacher beforehand.

5)    You must try to make your appointments at a time when you are not in class.  When this is not possible, you must tell your teacher about the appointment in advance.

You can be absent an average of 2 to 3 days per month for the reasons listed above.

If you are absent for any other reason, you must talk to your teacher.

It is very important that you attend regularly so your English improves and you become more comfortable living in Canada.  If your attendance is poor, you will get 3 warnings and then you will be asked to leave the LINC program.

If you are going to be absent from the program for longer than two weeks, you must talk to our LINC office.
You will be taken out of the LINC program and will need to go back on the waitlist.

Once you start the LINC classes you can stay in the program until you reach CLB 8, or until you become a Canadian citizen. It is expected that students will progress to the next level within 400 hours of study. If you have not progressed to the next level after 400 hours of study, we will talk to you about your progress and make a plan with you so you can progress. If the plan does not work, you may be asked to leave the program.

If you have any problems, please talk to your teacher.  We will be happy to help you.