Settlement Services

Are you an immigrant or refugee looking for information on housing, schools for your kids, and finding a doctor?  Do you have questions about income tax and the Canadian legal system? Or do you just want someone to talk to who understands what it feels like to be an immigrant? ICA’s settlement workers are here to help you!

The ICA Settlement Program provides services to immigrants, and refugees residing in Greater Victoria.

Settlement Workers provide services in over 25 languages. We can also arrange interpretation and translation services in many other languages.

What do Settlement Workers do?

Settlement Workers support individuals and families as they make the adjustment to life in Canada.  We can help explain and access:

  • dealing with isolation and culture shock
  • family issues
  • health & health care information
  • housing
  • education, upgrading, and training
  • Canadian law
  • income tax
  • child care and family concerns
  • social benefits
  • employment information
  • citizenship, immigration, and refugee protection
  • community skills and resources
  • human rights
  • many ICA programs

We can help with filling forms, advocacy (when needed), understanding systems, explaining benefits, accessing services, and providing family and individual support.

Immigrant Welcome Centre : NEW COVID 19 PROTOCOL

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Settlement Services is part of ICA’s Immigrant Welcome Centre.

To access Settlement Services: Please phone our mainline and notify reception that you are a new client. Your call will be forwarded to the Settlement Client Navigator to initiate an intake process.

Required Documents and Identification:

  • Permanent Resident Card or Confirmation of Permanent Residency, IFH (Interim Federal Health) card, Single Journey Document, Passport/Visa, Citizenship Card, and/or any other immigration papers that you hold.

What to expect:

Due to the pandemic, we will not be able to accommodate in person intakes or drop-ins.

Please phone our mainline and notify reception that you are a new client. Your call be forwarded to the Settlement Client Navigator to initiate an intake process.


*Due to remote intakes, we are currently prioritizing critical services*

The Settlement Client Navigator will conduct a remote intake over the phone.

During this meeting, the Settlement Client Navigator will:

  • Ask you about your immigration status and contact information. Please have your immigration information ready (e.g. Permanent Resident Card, Passport/Visa, Citizenship Card).  Also, other personal information will be recorded in our secure database system (address, phone number).
  • Based on your initial session, the Settlement Client Navigator will explain the role of a Settlement Worker and/or other staff roles of pertinent to your circumstances and how they will be able to help you.
  • Following the remote intake session, you will be given direction on a date and time for your first meeting with your Settlement Worker and/or pointed in the right direction to help meet your needs.

Once you have an appointment or have met with a Settlement Worker, if you have any more questions, you can contact the Settlement Worker over the phone or other teleconferencing methods.

*NOTE: there may be some exceptions for in person communication using social distancing in some situations. In person appointments must be made by the settlement client navigator or settlement workers only. You will be asked screening questions prior to entering the building.

Our Settlement Workers speak the following languages: Arabic, Cantonese, Dinka, Dari, English,  French, Japanese, Mandarin, Nuer (Sudanese), Persian,  Shilluk, Spanish, Tamil, Telugu, and Vietnamese.

Settlement Workers can help you access ICA services such as Language Services, Employment Services, specialized courses and activities for seniors, women, men, and youth.

Settlement Workers are an excellent source of support, information, and referral.  We hope you come see us and learn how we can help you.