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Constituent Group Sponsorship Training Videos

This series of 12 videos provides a clear and easily accessible learning tool for members of Constituent Groups (CGs) sponsoring refugees through ICA and Canada’s Private Sponsorship of Refugees Program or Blended Visa Office-Referred Program. Each video will guide you through the various stages of sponsorship with detailed information. Please also review the relevant links provided with each video for additional information.

All CG members are required to watch the videos at the appropriate stages in the sponsorship process. It may be helpful for CG members to dedicate some time to watching all videos in the early stages of sponsorship and then re-visiting each video as you get to the particular stage of the sponsorship process.

At a minimum, we are asking each CG member to watch each video at least once.

Please View CG Training Videos in Sequence

Video 4: Documents and Forms

Settlement Work Plan |  Refugee Sponsorship IRCC Forms

Video 5: Waiting After Submission of Application – Keeping Group Motivated

Settlement Work Plan

Video 6: Processing at IRCC Mission Overseas

Interview Preparation Document  |  Refusals Fact Sheet

Ramadan 101-Customs, Practices and Community

Ramadan 101 with Shazia Suleman Rashid