Local Immigration Partnership

Local Immigration Partnership


For the last ten years, close to 80 federally supported Local Immigration Partnerships (LIPs) have been developed across Canada to systematize, support, and bridge local engagement in the settlement of newcomers. Organizations and communities often work in “silos.” This dynamic can lead to a range of policies, practices, and visions that are disconnected, duplicate, or contrary to each other.

The Greater Victoria Local Immigration Partnership – also known as the GVLIP – is a partnership between major community stakeholders, settlement organizations, and immigrant communities to help bring our different visions together. The long term vision of the GVLIP imagines a future in which:

Newcomers are welcomed, supported and facilitated efficiently by a broad-based collaborative of well-networked service providers, neighbourhoods, communities, citizens, and settled newcomers over the course of their settlement journey.”

Key tasks for the GVLIP are:

  • Develop a strategic direction and framework for building a more welcoming community
  • Construct bridges between settlement organizations and mainstream institutions
  • Systematize local engagement and align services
  • Complement existing activities and identify gaps
  • Improve dialogue and information sharing
  • Build on the tremendous capacity and expertise that exists at the local level

 The GVLIP consists of three main sections:

  • The Partnership Council consists of high level executives from a diversity of organizations, businesses, and institutions. They develop a coordinated, comprehensive, and strategic approach to immigration and integration that suits the needs of Greater Victoria.
  • The Immigrant Advisory Team brings together the voices of a diverse group of newcomers. They provide feedback and insight to shape the vision and actions of the GVLIP as a whole.
  • Sector Tables are working groups made up of community members with expertise in a specific area. They focus on implementing specific changes in particular identified sectors. Currently active sector tables: Employment and Health. Upcoming sector tables: Education and Housing.
  • Current partners: City of Victoria, CRD Housing, Victoria Chamber of Commerce, Westshore Chamber of Commerce, Intercultural Association of Greater Victoria (ICA), Saanich Police, Greater Victoria Public Libraries (GVPL), School Districts 61 & 63, University of Victoria, BC Construction Association, Chemistry Consulting, VanCity, VIATEC, VICCIR, Island Health, BC Counsellors, James Bay New Horizons, Saanich Park and Recreation, Victoria Hospice, Francophone Immigration Program. We are continually looking for more institutions to partner with. Please let us know if you are interested in participating.

Want to get involved? Contact Us

Florentien Verhage, GVLIP Coordinator: fverhage@icavictoria.org

For more information see the following resources:


Greater Victoria Local Immigration Partnership: The First 18 Months (2016)

GVLIP Report


This report was created in partnership with ICA and the Institute for Studies and Innovation in Community University Engagement (ISICUE) at the University of Victoria. It includes research into the integration experiences of immigrants in the community. The data is based on findings from surveys and interviews with newcomers and service providers conducted in 2015.

Download Report


Strategic Plan and Challenge Dialogue Synopsis (2017)

GVLIP Strate Plan Cover


This document includes a summary of the Challenge Dialogue hosted in 2017 and the framework for a strategic plan.

Download Report